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2009 vs 2019

1 August 2019

As we celebrate a decade of creating value for our customers, we reflect on how much has changed in the market and how Ideal has adapted.

I recently read an article on Tech Market View which reinforced just how much the tech landscape has changed over the past ten years or so. We’re always talking about the fast-paced nature of the technology market but reading that article with Ideal’s 10th birthday in mind, it made me realise just how important it was, and still is, that a company like Ideal adapts to this rapid change. Customers have always been at the heart of what Ideal do and with that in mind the portfolio has evolved to meet their changing needs over the years.

The Tech Market View article reminds me that back in 2007 Apple had yet to launch the iPad, Blackberry was in its prime and cloud technology wasn’t exactly a hot topic, let alone on anyone’s road map.

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Fast forward two years to 2009 when Ideal was founded, there were some ground- breaking technology developments. This year of tech innovation would change the way we communicate, consume music, navigate, game and a whole load of other things. Here were four of the real game-changers in 2009:

  • Twitter went mainstream and revolutionised the way we communicate. By the end of 2009 Twitter reported 45million tweets a day and everyone revelled in the challenges of getting their point across in just 140 characters.
  • In late 2008 a Stockholm based start-up, the now very well-known Spotify, launched their music streaming service and ended 2009 with over 7 million users in Europe. This was the start of their journey to massively shake-up the way we all consume music.
  • The same year we saw the start of GPS being available on mobile phones – a feature most of us could now no longer live without! Apple kicked off this movement by offering expensive apps from GPS companies such as TomTom. But Android phones really took the lead when Google released free turn-by-turn navigation Android software and subsequently made portable map-reading widely accessible.
  • 2009 was also the year when it became apparent that games didn’t need to be backed by huge entertainment companies and that gaming on the go became the new thing. Remember FarmVille on Facebook?

And so, the way we lived our lives was shaken up in 2009. Over the resulting ten years, hundreds of other tech developments have paved the way for digital transformation and have completely changed the way businesses operate too. As a result, our customers’ requirements have changed significantly and Ideal now support customers to overcome the common challenges that the modern world brings such as the explosion of application, cloud adoption and securely connecting users from any location, device and at any time.

When Ideal started out, it survived the first year of business despite the disruptive market. Back then there wasn’t a need for mobile security, cloud platforms or software defined networks to name just a few. Like any other successful business, Ideal has adapted to meet these new demands, and the company has grown from a network specialist to a team of experts in networks, security, collaboration and platforms.

In 2009, one of our founders worked from a stationary location (a desk in a shared office), saved all his data on hard-drive and probably even had a blackberry. Now Ideal has grown to an open plan office in the centre of Brighton a stone's throw away from the station. We practice what we preach and use the latest collaboration technology, cloud services and securely support users with any app, anywhere. Over the ten years the core of the business remains the same – having our staff and our customers at the heart of what we do whilst providing exceptional delivery that transforms enterprises and guarantees results.


Here’s to the next ten years!


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