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4 December 2015

I’m all about an easy life. If there is anything that can be done to make my job, my home life, even my commute to work easier, then I am all for it. That doesn’t mean I am lazy. It doesn’t mean that when there is hard graft to be done that I won’t do it. It just means that I see the sense and logic of doing what needs to be done, as efficiently and easily as possible, without compromising quality.


I work in sales. My job is to win new customers and subsequently grow relationships with those customers. It is a hard job. It can be demoralising. More often than not, I am met with voicemail, a request to send an email, or an outright no. That is all part of the job, and you need pretty thick skin to be good at it.

I have learnt that there is no easy way to be successful, no obvious route to an easy life, when in sales. However, what frustrates me the most is that for every one of those prospects who ask me to send an email, or whose voicemail I reach and particularly those who cut me off with an outright no, I know that I can make their life easier. I know it. I just need the chance to show them how.

I have worked for huge corporations and now I work at Ideal - a small, privately-owned company. What I took away from working with the large corporates was a comment that I heard over and over and over again: “I just want you to be easy to do business with”. Companies that are bogged down with anonymous departments, red tape, overly rigid process and a lack of accountability are rarely easy to work with. Navigating process internally, let alone from an outsider’s perspective, can be a proverbial nightmare.

It was really refreshing to start working for a company like Ideal where one of the cornerstones of the company philosophy is being 'easy to do business with'. And we are. More than this, I know that by working with Ideal so many of my customers’ jobs have been made easier by taking an initial call with me. And so many prospective customers’ jobs could be made easier, just by taking that initial call with me.

There is no easy way in sales, but I’ll keep on making those calls because ultimately, what I am selling is an easier life. And who doesn’t want an easy life?


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Image credit: Juan Ledo/Flickr, Creative Commons