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Ideal announces 8x8 Voice calling plans for Microsoft Teams users

7 March 2022

What's the secret to increasing productivity? When it comes to tools, less is more.

"For years now, some of the biggest productivity killers - ranked at the very top in certain studies - is getting workers to understand how to actually use the growing wealth of communications tools at their disposal."  ~ Dion Hinchcliffe, Constellation Research

Those of us who ‘live’ in Microsoft Teams don’t just need to communicate with other Teams users. Sometimes we need the convenience of making a phone call from Teams to a non-teams user, anytime, anywhere in the world. Well, with Ideal’s help, any MS Teams customer can now provide their users with this capability.

What’s the big deal - it sounds just like Microsoft Teams with a dialler? Well, that’s the point. When you receive a call, make a call, forward a call, put someone on hold, have a call go into a calling queue or ring group, behind the scenes it’s handled by 8x8. But what do your users see? They see the native Microsoft Teams interface. The result? No retraining or special codes to learn - users just keep using Teams as they already do.

Can't I just do this already with Microsoft?

Sort of. The reasons you should look beyond Microsoft for calling include:

  • Global Reach and Calling Plan Flexibility: Microsoft calling plans are limited in terms of countries covered and force you to have the same calling plan with limited minutes for all of your employees. That means if you have one employee that requires the most expensive calling plan, then you will have to pay for that plan for ALL of your employees. In contrast, 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams gives you full public telephony access in 38 countries, unlimited calling to 47 countries and virtual numbers in over 120 countries. And you can mix and match calling plans to meet the specific needs of your employees.
  • Availability and Reliability: Microsoft only commits to 99.9% uptime. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yet that’s more than a business day of downtime per year. Based on 2020 statistics, the 8x8 network is 41 times more reliable.
  • Salesforce Integration: Microsoft has no native voice integration with Salesforce.com. To associate a Microsoft voice call with a Salesforce.com lead or contact, you must do so manually. However, using 8x8 Voice for Teams, you can use the Salesforce integration to make and receive calls from Teams, automatically have those calls registered in Salesforce, and even make and receive calls directly from Salesforce from the same phone number. So your sales team can be productive without the hassle of any data entry housekeeping.


Ideal makes it easy to onboard your Microsoft Teams users to the 8x8 environment because it is the same as their old environment. Bottom line, it's easy for them to make calls. Our Collaboration experts Dan and Dave would be more than happy to walk you through how this can work for your business.Read our 10 tips for effective MS Teams management

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