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Palo Alto Networks invests in SASE future

26 October 2020
Key acquisition shows Secure Access Service Edge moving from niche concept to mainstream model.

In January we predicted that Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) would become mainstream during 2020 and as we enter the second half of the year, our prediction looks to be coming true.

The biggest recent indicator for the rise in SASE buzz is the acquisition of CloudGenix by Palo Alto Networks (PAN). CloudGenix are an SD-WAN provider that allow customers to see layer 7 application performance metrics and allows the IT team to look beyond the network ‘fabric’, which so often is blamed for perceived connectivity issues.

This acquisition speaks to the new reality where network investment decisions need to take account of security and cloud strategies as well  – while Palo Alto Networks have made previous moves in cloud-based security, this marks a significant investment into the network and SASE space. It is indicative of the market’s demand for holistic infrastructure solutions that bolster the user experience.

This year’s events have changed the landscape significantly in terms of networks, security and cloud services. The accelerated adoption of cloud-based, remote-working solutions has put some networks under strain, and created an increased need for robust security policies across both network and cloud environments. We believe that this trend will continue to gain momentum as IT teams are under pressure to take action and create environments that ensure business continuity.

Cloud solutions have been developed to enhance the user experience, allowing users to work from anywhere, anytime on any device. And SASE is no different. For your SASE solution to be effective it will need to be user-centric, which means adopting identity as the perimeter.

Read Palo Alto Networks SASE for Dummies guide to learn more about this emerging architecture, or if you’re ready to adopt a software-defined network, read our Ultimate Guide to SD-WAN.

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