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Your call may be recorded. It's a phrase we've all heard when we speak to the bank, get car insurance, take out a mortgage, or do any of the many things we still do over the phone. Companies record customer conversations for quality or training, or because they're working in industries like finance where they have to. But what happens next?

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Cisco's unified communications (UC) and telephony systems are pretty much the gold standard for reliability, quality and features, but until now they've been overkill for a startup or many smaller SMEs. If you're running a company of, say, 25-100 people, you need a great phone system, but you probably don't need full-blown Call Manager - or the hardware, software and days of configuration work involved in an enterprise system like Cisco's Business Edition 6000. To be honest, you probably can't afford them either.

That's why we're excited to be offering Cisco's brand new Business Edition 4000 (BE4000): a quality, full-featured IP telephony system in one easy-to-configure box.

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