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Backup to the future

3 May 2017

We're always working to build stronger relationships with long-term, established players, but in the new partnerships we've announced this year, Ideal is also investing in new and exciting technologies. In Rubrik, we've added a partner with something truly disruptive: an appliance-based, converged backup offering that's so 'right' it's a wonder nobody did it before.

I want to explain what it does and why it's brilliant. First, consider conventional backup in the data centre. There's a backup server, running backup software, telling backup proxies what to do. Data probably gets dumped onto dedicated, disk-based servers - somewhere along the way it's catalogued and de-duplicated. Then it sits around going stale until it's spun onto tape and wheeled offsite for storage.

The architecture works - it's been around long enough - but it's full of drawbacks: it's complex, time-consuming to set up and administer, usually involves multiple vendors and serves up recovery time objectives (RTO) measured in anything up to a few days. In other words, if you need to restore a VM to how it looked a couple of months back, you might be twiddling your thumbs until the tape even comes back on site.

With Rubrik, you can scratch out all of the components of that conventional backup system, and replace them with one appliance and a connection to cloud storage.

Brick by brick

In Rubrik's simplified architecture, backup software, catalogue management, replication and de-duplicated storage are collapsed into a single appliance, which scales linearly. You can add as many as you need, wherever needed, and its distributed architecture means that de-duplication and other data services scale in-line with the cluster to maximise efficiency and savings.

Rubrik's platform does away with legacy backup hardware and software, but it also enables new levels of service, management and analytics. Rubrik describes it as cloud data management - in practice it means that you get the same intuitive, powerful interface and analytics and the same ability to search and restore down to the file level, regardless of whether it's 'fresh' data on the device or stale data that's been archived off.

That ability to quickly search and restore archived data is only possible because tape is gone, and aged data (and replicated data, if needed) is instead sent to either private, Azure or AWS cloud storage. That's a major part of how Rubrik brings RTOs right down, and it also offers a significant opex saving.

In Rubrik, we've a backup partner with a platform that's built for the hyperconverged data centre, and which is ready to scale with the success of the hybrid cloud enterprise. If you want to realise a truly modern backup solution in your data centre, get in touch.