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What's your plan B?

2 March 2018

It looks like the worst of the weather might be over, as the Beast from the East slowly relaxes its grip on the UK. In Brighton's comparatively small freeze, my plan B was to ditch the road bike for my mountain bike, wrap up extra warm and enjoy an amazing snowy ride to Ideal along the seafront. What was yours?

Big freezes cost the UK economy billions. In 2010, a five-day cold snap was estimated at up to £6 billion, while one expert already warns that this week's weather could cost the North East hundreds of millions of pounds. Snow and ice might not pose too big a risk to your data centres and other infrastructure, but for staff getting to work they're a nightmare.

Efficient disaster recovery (DR) and effective backups are vital - especially if melting snow and ice result in a flooded data centre - but in most severe weather, the bottom line is about making sure your staff can work. Cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365 are great for maintaining productivity and collaborative working, but as with anything cloud, you need to be sure you're using them efficiently.

And when your workforce is distributed, it's important that your security is too. How do you secure endpoints and connections that aren't on your premises? And how do you make sure that the people logging on to your systems are the people who should be?

At Ideal, we've got the skills and partnerships to help you put together a plan B that's effective, efficient and secure, and which covers all the bases. We consult, design, install and support effective DR and backup solutions from vendors like Zerto and Rubrik. We sell and support cloud and hosted collaboration solutions, and we can offer expert security consultancy alongside products like Cisco Umbrella, Palo Alto Networks' Traps endpoint protection or Aperture SaaS security.

We can't predict the future, but an effective contingency plan needs to cover multiple resources and eventualities.If you want to talk about designing, implementing and securing your plan B (so your problems don't snowball!), give me a call on 01273 957515 or get in touch online.