Blog: Bringing DevOps to Networking

6 August 2018

DevOps is often thought of in a cloud context. But how can networking benefit from breaking down the silos of Development and IT Operations roles and introduce automation to achieve efficiencies, speed and agility? SD-WAN has the answer. 


Forward thinking businesses are already bringing together their Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) teams to create faster time to market with lower cost and higher quality. This really is a culture shift around how teams can better integrate and collaborate to get better results. DevOps is a mindset of moving away from fragile systems that take too long to deploy to reliable software that can be deployed quickly.

As we know, Cloud services embrace a DevOps mindset. Want a new environment? Spec it, activate a virtual datacentre, load up your application and you’re done. This agile self-service approach is revolutionising how we build, deploy and deliver compute, storage and applications. However, for traditional infrastructures services – such as rigid MPLS services that only connect to physical locations (taking weeks if not months to install) – DevOps is not even a possibility. Slight configuration changes introduce long delays and typically companies overspend for overprovisioned circuits to accommodate bursts.

But an intelligent software layer such as SD-WAN can change the rigid and slow networking models of the past – and in effect bring DevOps to networking. Zero touch provisioning enables rapid provisioning of new branch locations and network services in minutes rather than months. Routing algorithms accommodate application requirements and adapt to real-time link conditions. The ability to connect any data services into the SD-WAN gives organisations incredible flexibility. For the first time in WAN networking, we can move from fragile to agile.


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Image: Sacha Styles on Unsplash