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Cisco DNA: simplifying network management

17 May 2017

We've talked a lot about software-defined networking (SDN) and the increasingly intelligent network hardware that enables it. Lately, fellow solutions architect Daren Vallyon and I have been trying to provide a bit more detail about how Cisco is innovating in both areas, with technologies like Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Campus Fabric.

Our take on the details might be interesting to fellow technologists, but what if you're trying to build the business case for your organisation to invest in new networking technologies? If you're pitching upwards, you could do a lot worse than share this high-level Cisco video.

It focuses specifically at the benefits of virtualisation, which is just one of DNA's defining principles, but it's a neat illustration of some of the network management challenges DNA has been created to solve. It also touches on the exciting ability - previously highlighted by Daren - to deploy network solutions as virtual devices, simplifying everything.

If you haven't got two minutes, I can give you the TL;DR version in a single quote: "DNA lets you manage [your] extended network as one."

If you want to explore more about what that means for you, why not get in touch.


Blog list image: Stuart Cale/Flickr, Creative Commons