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3 things you need to know about Cisco ISE 3.0

26 November 2020

If you are already familiar with the Cisco ® Identity Services Engine (ISE), you'll be aware that it is is a good solution to streamline network security policy management and reduce operating costs. Network managers get visibility of users and devices controlling access across wired, wireless, and VPN connections to the corporate network.

So why mention it again? Well, shortly after releasing their 'gold standard' in version 2.7, Cisco have now launched ISE 3.0 (yes, we don't know where .8 and .9 went either!). It is unusual for Cisco to release updates in such quick succession, but with changes to licensing, kit and management, we can see the significance of this latest release.

Here are our top 3 things you need to know about ISE 3.0.
  1. If your current version is older than 2.4, you may need more physical infrastructure to deploy this new update. If you're planning to refresh your network, you may want to consider future ISE requirements.
  2. Licensing for this update has changed to be more in line with the Cisco Smart Licensing model, so you may need to contact Cisco and ask them to convert your existing licenses to Smart Licenses. (You can read more about Cisco Smart Licensing here).
  3. ISE 3.0 has the potential to be hosted in the cloud with Azure or AWS, and with integrations to Meraki and other platforms, you can effectively manage your policies through a cloud-based solution. When integrated with Azure, Azure AD and Microsoft Intune, ISE will allow you to secure and monitor your BYOD operation.


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