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Parting the cloud

19 May 2017

We've looked before at how the public cloud, for all its benefits, isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. From concerns about data security and sovereignty, to my own thoughts about the challenge of managing data and applications across providers, it's clearly not a panacea.

A recent Forbes article presents a good example of the more mundane reasons why cloud isn't right for every application. Digital production house Animal Logic, the team behind the Lego Movie and Happy Feet franchises, previously had a huge co-located render farm, but found itself being charged a premium due to high power and cooling requirements.

The team evaluated moving the facility to the cloud, but the costs of the necessary data pipeline - multiple 10 gigabit/s links - pushed the budget above that of simply investing in its own private cloud, on premises in Sydney. This also solved issues around data security and sovereignty - although it created challenges in actually finding space within the crowded Fox Studios site.

It's a fairly atypical example, granted, but it illustrates our technical director Mick McLean's take on the idea of companies who plan to go 'cloud first' - that it's like deciding how you're going to make a journey before you know where you're actually going.

Cloud has its place in every organisation's IT spend, and for some it'll be a major enabler of creative and flexible working practices - doubtless Animal Logic uses cloud services for many other applications. The trick is evaluating your business objectives and working out where your IT systems need to get you, and only then - like Animal Logic - working out which hosting and delivery models are best for the job.

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Header image: TimOve/Flickr, Creative Commons