The rise of the apps - what's the network impact?

10 August 2016

The Ideal blog is the perfect outlet for us to reflect on what's going on in our sector, but some trends and concepts are just too important or complex to boil down into a 300-word post. It's these topics we aim to discuss in our customer briefings: two-page, downloadable documents giving our steer on key trends and changes we're seeing in the technology sector, and the opportunities and challenges they present for our clients.

In this briefing we're aiming to provide insight on how modern, app-driven consumption is steering businesses away from traditional IT provisioning models in favour of outcome-driven, software-defined alternatives.

What are the challenges and benefits for your business, and how do you best position yourself to exploit the advantages? Download the customer briefing and get the views of our experts.


You can view all our customer briefings here. For advice, ideas, or just to discuss your business challenges with our experts, call us on 01273 957500, or get in touch online.

Header image: Blake Patterson/Flickr, Creative Commons