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Beat the cyber security skills shortage

28 March 2018

You don't need me to tell you that there's a worldwide shortage of cyber skills - just try advertising a cyber security vacancy. According to the Center for Cyber Safety and Education there's already a 1.5 million-person shortfall in the worldwide information security workforce, and the centre's research suggests this will have widened to 1.8-million staff by 2022.

What does this mean for you? Most obviously it leaves you with the expense and inconvenience of trying to recruit staff with the necessary skills, but it's also driving up the cost of those staff. The Hays UK Salary & Recruiting Trends guide surveyed more than 17,500 employers and employees, and found that in the past year, cyber security engineers had secured average pay rises of 8.4%. Information security analysts had upped their pay by 10.5% - kerching!

But while managers and the c-suite juggle the recruitment challenge, a large and expensive elephant sits quietly in the room. Your IT department lacks key cyber security knowledge, experience and tools. Your organisation lacks the expertise to understand the security landscape. You don't have the ability to enumerate and mitigate risk, and - with GDPR - the penalties for dropping the ball are about to become even more severe.




Managed SIEM - effortless, expert resource, 24/7

If you're struggling with the joint headaches of recruiting staff amid a skills shortage, and keeping your organisation secure in a fast-moving threat and regulatory landscape, we can help. Ideal's Managed SIEM service provides the cyber security tools, insight and expertise you lack via a straightforward, 24/7 managed service operated from our UK-based security operations centre (SOC).

Leveraging AlienVault's award-winning platform, we apply expert intelligence to your security challenges. We perform ongoing behavioural monitoring, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection to help you identify security issues and enumerate risk across your estate. We build integrations with your real and virtualised environments, continually correlating and analysing disparate log data, joining the dots in the noise to identify actionable security events.

Most importantly, we wrap these features in the additional benefits of our SOC, where our experienced, vendor-qualified security experts monitor your network constantly, applying additional cyber security skills to proactively identify, analyse and progress verified security issues.

Ideal's Managed SIEM service solves your cyber skills shortage, providing 24/7 expertise without the cost and headache of recruiting and equipping your own SOC. At the same time it empowers you to respond - and demonstrate that you can respond - to the challenges posed by the fast-shifting threat landscape. It's a comprehensive approach to addressing security management within your organisation, helping you gain visibility, clarity, and actionable advice on security events - and solving two pernicious headaches.


Join the dots on your network. Discover Managed SIEM


List image by Gabriel Millos/Flickr, Creative Commons