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Q2 already? Where did three months go

7 December 2016

Business, and IT in particular, moves pretty quickly. Already we're at the close of the first quarter, and the Ideal team has been engaged with a range of products, challenges and issues. In case you missed them, here are five of the most interesting topics we've been talking about this year.

Women in IT

We've been regularly asking why we don't see more female applicants for technical positions, and why women generally don't have an equal role as leaders and innovators in the sector. To try and stimulate the debate, we've profiled a range of women working in various IT fields, and asked each to share their experience and advice. See all our 'women in IT' posts here.

The Ideal Academy

Education has been a recurring topic, with Claire recently reflecting on exciting potential in Brighton to help develop a highly skilled local tech workforce. It's something we particularly care about, which is why we're developing the Ideal Academy to give young people a suitable apprenticeship. (And we've just advertised our first graduate opportunity - take a look at our Join The Team section.)

The smart response to Ransomware

Unsurprisingly, security has been a recurring topic, with newly-recruited senior cyber security consultant Adrian Clarke reflecting on topics including the threat landscape, how to respond to ransomware, and whether the legal battle could have been avoided between Apple and the US government.

Better bots

We've been getting excited about the possibilities of what you might call 'chat as a command line': using tools for Cisco's Spark messaging app to interact with other services. It's an example of us living and breathing the technology we sell, with MD Claire leading the way by integrating our leadership team Spark room and Trello strategy board.

Fabric care

Finally, data centre solutions architect Daren Vallyon reflected recently on the issues with deploying in the cloud, and managing data and business apps between cloud providers. According to him, NetApp's Data Fabric helps address issues with flexibility, costs and security.

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