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Ideal supports the growth of cloud through G-Cloud 12

3 November 2020

Two of the most talked about subjects are Cloud and COVID - not to mention how intrinsically linked they are so I won’t waste time on reiterating the last 8 or 9 months of messaging and telling you what you already know. It’s obvious that COVID has accelerated digital-first operations. What I’m most interested in is the impact COVID has had socially on B2B Sales.

The good news is that for the last 8 months the expenses bill that I sign off has all but disappeared. The days of “just a couple of steaks and a drink or two... (£500!)” are at the very least on pause. A dinner and drinks would be a luxury with our clients, I’d start with just a meeting, face to face – but is that already old school!? Recent research on decision makers’ behaviour since the crisis began suggests that the big digital shift is here to stay. More than three quarters of buyers AND SELLERS say that they now prefer digital engagements and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions.

The ease of scheduling, reduction of expenses and ensured safety mean that whilst the world was forced into this operating mode, 70-80% are happy to continue. This is one of the reasons myself and everyone else at Ideal are so proud to have been announced as a certified supplier on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 12 framework.

Ideal has been a trusted supplier on the G-Cloud framework since its 6th iteration, and this announcement means we can continue to use our expertise in cloud services to create, protect and accelerate digital transformation solutions to the public sector and allow our customers to consume our services in a fast, packaged and repeatable format without the need to meet, negotiate and scope.

Helping over selling

One of the main reasons I’m so excited that we’ll be able to offer our services through this framework is that it’s so important to our economy and society right now. I’ve written about this before, but in times of crisis, it’s imperative for organisations to think less about selling and more about helping their customers and communities.

Obviously, being named as a supplier on the UK Digital Marketplace doesn’t harm our prospects of selling, and I love that. But at a time when institutions both public and private are under unprecedented pressure, I’m delighted that Ideal can help by supporting the transition to cloud-based services. Having these services in place can reduce logistical pressure on an organisation and increase service-accessibility to customers or consumers at the best possible value.

Take healthcare, for example. Now that Ideal is on the G-Cloud 12 framework, we are assisting local healthcare authorities and providers in establishing remote consultation, diagnostics and workforce management systems (and more).

The tireless and selfless work of our frontline health workers during this pandemic is something to inspire humility, gratitude and pride. The chance to pay that back by helping to build a more robust and innovative health service is one that all of us at Ideal won’t take for granted.

As we move forward as a society, through this crisis and into the new landscape that lies beyond, Ideal is determined to be there to help build the future through ambitious, innovative technological solutions. The likelihood that we’ll go back to the old normal of in-person services and employees packed into centralised offices is slim.

We’ve already seen a switch from network-led conversations to increased Collaboration, Security and Managed Services. That’s likely to continue, and we’re glad to be there to offer that technical and resource support that businesses need to adapt and come through this crisis stronger than before.

As a G-cloud 12 framework supplier, Ideal can offer 8 different technologies:

Under Cloud Support services, Ideal will supply:

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Workload modernisation
  • Virtual cloud engineering
  • Managed Azure Cloud for IaaS
  • Assisted Azure Assessment and Migration
  • Azure Cost Optimisation

Under Cloud Hosting services, Ideal can also supply:

  • Microsoft Azure

And Under Cloud Software, Ideal will be able to supply:

  • Microsoft 365

As you can see, Microsoft is fundamental to our cloud technology strategy, and to the strategy of our clients and partners too. To find out about how Ideal can help your organisation prosper, or for some advice on Microsoft or cloud adoption, get in touch! We’re currently offering 30-minute, free of charge consultations with our Solution Architects, email consult@ideal.co.uk or book a consultation.