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IT Monitoring - the heartbeat of your business

19 May 2016

Every business needs to know the status of its IT environment 24*7*365, whether it be on premise, in the cloud or a combination. Monitoring can help you meet some of the key business challenges you are facing: maintaining uptime and reliability of essential services and systems, reducing overheads, assessing vulnerabilities and gaps, safeguarding your reputation and protecting customers, controlling staff activity and protecting data.

But is your monitoring reactive or proactive? Are you fire-fighting once the network goes down? Or are you able to diagnose future problems and fix them before they have impact?

A single view of all your environments

Many businesses have a diverse mix of IT delivery models ranging from on premise infrastructures and outsourced services to private and public cloud services. Your business demands high performance and high availability to maximise productivity, revenues and bring success.

So at Ideal, we give you the insight you need to ensure your business services are performing. You have access to a portal and an app that show you exactly what you need to see about your IT’s performance when you need to see it.


Support from our Network Operations Centre

Our engineers configure the monitoring system carefully so that when an alert comes, we know it’s flagging a genuine problem. When the system spots a problem a ticket is automatically raised with our 24*7*365 support team and one of our engineering experts will deal with the issues and resolve them in line with the SLA we’ve agreed with you.

Reducing your costs

As a hosted Software as a Service solution your monitoring needs will be rapidly up and running, with no need to deploy, manage or support new monitoring infrastructure – saving you money.

So does your monitoring service make the grade?

Our monitoring service is a mature, reliable, secure and scalable agent or agent-less solution for monitoring customer environments including networks, voice and collaboration solutions, network devices (including routers, switches, servers, firewalls), applications and business services.

We deliver monitoring that will help you meet your business challenges. Compare it to your own system and if there's anything missing why not give us a call?

What do we monitor?

1. Device monitoring

Enables the monitoring of IP devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. We monitor availability of network devices, hardware components, interfaces and provide network statistics for bandwidth utilisation and many other parameters.

2. Network monitoring

Advanced monitoring of critical networks. We can do traffic simulation and test for packet loss, jitter, round trip response time, and more. Our NetFlow capability delivers application bandwidth monitoring.

3. Collaboration Infrastructure monitoring

Enables the monitoring of collaboration servers and networks providing in depth statistics for common platforms such as Cisco Collaboration tools and a range of specialist voice, messaging and voice recording applications.

4. Service Monitoring

We can create Service Containers to provide service availability for your services as well as the individual devices that make up that service.

5. Website availability monitoring

Provides the capability to routinely test specific URLs, tracking status and page load time metrics.

6. Cloud Services monitoring

Monitors Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service or Platform as a Service on a public, private or hybrid cloud service.

7. Server monitoring

Enables the monitoring of Windows, Linux, Cisco UCS, Virtual Servers (VMware, Citrix & Hyper-V), HP, Dell and many other hardware and OS platforms. We monitor availability, processes, services, hardware status and resources such as CPU, Memory and storage capacity.

8. Application monitoring

Provides support for a wide range of applications and services including MS Exchange, MS Active Directory & databases.

9. Visualisation & Performance Reporting

We can also provide fully customisable Maps, Dashboards, SLA views and performance reporting.

10. End to End Service Monitoring

We can monitor the end to end service availability and process times. Do you have a mobile app and want to monitor end to end transaction times? With our partner CA we can deliver much more than you might expect!

To find out more about our brilliant, proactive Monitoring Services give us a  call on 01273 957500 or send us a message