Advantages of Managed SIEM

25 February 2020

Since we launched our Managed SIEM service, we've been talking a lot about the kind of security, reporting and compliance headaches that businesses face, and how Managed SIEM (security information and event management) can help solve them. That's an important angle - as I know very well from my 22 years 'client side' at a major retailer - but I want to explore the additional benefits of having a team of information security experts on call, armed with the latest threat intelligence and event management tools.

Effective security management isn't a 'nice to have': it's imperative, as the scope and sophistication of threats grows, and the regulatory environment tightens. Managed SIEM effectively extends your IT department, adding key cyber security skills and essential threat and vulnerability awareness. Not only does it relieve skills shortages and dramatically improve your security posture, it frees up your existing IT and cyber security staff to concentrate on core systems.

Take control of your network security effectively - download the Buyer's Guide to Managed SIEM to find out more:

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No matter how secure your estate, attacks are inevitable. When they happen, Managed SIEM means you can quickly and easily take mitigating action, with real-time threat intelligence and proven robust response processes. If you're an Ideal Managed SIEM customer and an alert relates to equipment we also manage, we'll even take the required action for you.

Twenty reasons to comply

Compliance isn't just about GDPR: every industry has its own regulatory, legal or best-practice guidelines, or must adhere to common standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Managed SIEM not only forms part of a comprehensive and structured response to compliance requirements, but the expert-prepared, standardised audit reports produced as part of our service help you easily and confidently evidence your compliance. More than that, they'll save you having to put in the man-days to do it yourself.

Managed SIEM offers many more benefits, but the final two I'm going to talk about both relate to cost savings. The first is obvious: if you're paying Ideal to provide highly-qualified, 24/7 security analysts, you're saving money on recruiting, training and retaining those staff yourself. You're also saving the cost of the expert threat intelligence and SIEM tools that underpin our service.

And by implementing SIEM as a comprehensive managed service, you gain certainty of your ongoing spend. We charge a transparent, flat fee with no capital outlay, giving you control over your budget, and ensuring you'll face no hidden costs.

If you want to take control of security on your network, effectively managing security events and demonstrating compliance, download our Buyer's Guide to Managed SIEM to learn how.

Download the Managed SIEM Buyer’s Guide >

Image: Mike Fernwood/Flickr, Creative Commons