Blog: Meet Rosie Apps

3 September 2018

Many of the snails which will appear around the city in mid-September will have their own stories and unique inspired designs. Discover why artist Rosie Apps wanted to get involved in Snailspace and why her tongue-in-cheek, bold designs are a good fit for Ideal. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
My name is Rosie Apps and I'm a local Brighton-based illustrator. My work is colourful and playful, with a bold, hand-drawn aesthetic and tongue-in-cheek observation. I specialise in location-based artworks, travel-inspired doodles, maps and mural-painting.

How did you hear about Snailspace and why did you want to take part?
I saw the Snowdogs By The Sea in 2016 and loved spotting so many great artist works throughout Brighton and Hove. I remember taking a photo of the plaques and telling myself that I just must get involved in the next event. Low and behold when Snailspace was released, I put in my design application and crossed my fingers.

As to why I want to get involved - firstly, as an artist, it's such an exciting project to take part in (surely there's nothing better than being able to splash paint around on snail-shaped canvas right?!). But, knowing I'm creating something for such a great cause is also incredible humbling. Martlets do so much to help people affected by terminal illness in our community and I am honoured to be able to help contribute to that. I recall they raised over £300,000 from the sale of the Snow Dogs, so I can only hope that the Snailspace raises as much, (if not more!), so they can continue to provide such great care and aid to our community.

How excited were you when your design was selected?
Over the moon! After I got the call I leapt around my flat absolutely delighted and excited! Perhaps a little daunted too as to how I was actually going to go about tackling my beast of a snail! 

Do you think Ideal and The Brightonian are a good fit?
Yes certainly. After I met some of the team at Ideal (who were lovely by the way!) I learnt their passion for supporting and getting involved with the local community in Brighton and Hove with their business - something I too am keen on too, so there's a nice alignment there. I also discovered that although there is a world of difference in our business offerings, we share a passion for creating the best design for customers and both enjoy meeting customers unique requirements. 

There's then of course the obvious fact that the colours within my design perfectly match the colours of their logo too, which is a rather lovely bonus ;). And, I hear that Ideal loved my bold design which reflects their culture. 

How was the experience of painting your snail?
I hadn't anticipated what fun the actual painting would be, but it was absolutely wonderful - a true highlight to 2018 so far. There were around 25 of us local artists holed up in a secret warehouse in Hove painting our snails. The supportive community spirit and vibe was second to none and not only did I paint a fabulous huge gastropod, but I've made some lovely new friends in the process too.

I think what people may not realise when they see the snails on the streets, is the amount of work that's gone into them. It would be no exaggeration to say hundred and hundreds of hours went into painting the snails - a genuine labour of love, time and dedication by many, many people. We really hope you enjoy seeing them!

Will you be doing the Snailway?
Definitely - I can't wait to see the full trail of snails throughout Brighton and Hove and will be bringing all my friends round the trail to admire all 50 artists' work. I think it'll be the perfect weekend walk, (interspersed with the odd coffee and cake stop too!) I can't wait to see all the finished designs!

Where can we see more of your work?
Either on my website, or my Instagram

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