Explaining mobility

27 May 2016

The danger with any great IT idea is that the hype surrounding it can gather until it begins to drown out the underlying point. If ever there was an example, it's the mobile workplace.

Forget the hype, it's a simple enough concept: a coherent set of systems and apps which come together to free up your employees from working on a specific device, in a fixed time and place. The ideal mobile workplace is one where staff work securely at home, in a café, on the road - basically anywhere they can get data - using the most suitable device that's available.

And as is so often the case, the real interest comes not in the technology, but with the changes it enables in your business: changes such as flexible working, reduced overheads, increased innovation, enhanced collaboration, and an exciting and dynamic shift in business culture.

If you're hearing conflicting messages, or just haven't had a concise explanation of mobility, why not download our latest customer briefing paper. It'll help you understand more about the benefits and technologies of mobile working, and the advantages it could offer your business.


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Header image: David Martyn Hunt/Flickr, Creative Commons