Defining the cyber security challenge

1 August 2017

Whatever your industry, doing business today is more than ever about the gathering, processing and storing of data. Whether that data is personal, transactional, intellectual or analytical, it's become the lifeblood of commerce, and its heightened importance makes it - and its rightful custodians - increasingly the target of cyber attacks. 

Throughout the organisation, cyber security should be a concern that is understood and owned by everyone. But for IT managers and others responsible for security, building an effective defence depends on a proper understanding of both the threat environment and appropriate proactive measures that will help ensure your security within it.

What of the C-suite? At board level it's only possible to create an effective cyber security strategy when fully briefed on the general threat landscape, but also when aware of the specific risks, responsibilities and legislation faced by your own organisation. 

To help with that understanding, Palo Alto Networks and Forbes have produced an extensive guide to managing the risk posed by cyber threats. To download your copy, complete the short form at the foot of this post.


The top-level summary? Business needs an effective strategy and the necessary systems and procedures in place to combat cyber risk, but the challenge is considerable, and the threat landscape constantly evolving. Of course, it's in this area where a trusted security partner such as Ideal can provide invaluable consultancy and guidance.

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