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New office, same values

29 July 2016

If you're in touch with us, you probably know that on Monday we moved into brand new offices in the centre of Brighton. It's a big change - we'd been happy for five years in our Kemptown home - so here I want to follow up on my previous post and share how we've set up the new office to change how we work and reflect our culture and ambition.

These are exciting times for Ideal, as our business continues to grow in size and aspiration. While we loved our old office it's been clear for a while that we were outgrowing it, so we've taken an entire floor in City View, a new development right next to Brighton station.

Crowded kitchen

Aside from simply finding a larger space, I wanted to be sure that our new building would support the way we work at Ideal. The culture in our business has grown up by people spending time with each other, so now we've created an office space where people can more easily spend time in different groups. Among the exciting new features here are breakout bars, meeting pods and informal areas where people can eat, socialise and have ad-hoc meetings. We've also moved from our old fixed workspaces to hot-desking.

Gensler's 2016 UK Workplace Survey found that workers were more likely to be innovative if they had access to a range of spaces supporting different working styles. I've already seen people who never worked together before, chatting and exchanging ideas - it is these serendipitous meetings which we have designed the space to capture.

At the same time the What Workers Want survey reported that less than two-thirds of employees were satisfied with the amount of "quiet space for focused work" provided in their workplaces. We have invested in furniture designed for privacy to support concentration and improve productivity - vital to support an efficient business and enhance the bottom line.

We will be analysing location data from Cisco Hyperlocation to show how we're actually working - where, when and how we congregate - to inform decisions on how we could tweak the workspace design to get more out of the new setup and drive innovation and productivity.

Table football

The space is open, light and fresh. We all love the art we commissioned by Pinky which celebrates Brighton - home to the thriving digital economy we are part of. Attending the City's recent Big Debate it was clear that we are lucky to have found such a high grade space in which we can continue to grow and prosper.

We have designed a space I am enormously proud of. With loads more room, advanced technology - and more exciting developments on the way - we're set to continue our growth.

We'd love it if you want to drop in and see us: we're excited to show off our ambition, and demonstrate how technology can change the way we work.

Our new address: City View, Stroudley Road, Brighton, BN1 4DJ

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