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Partnering with Pure Storage

27 March 2017

You've probably seen our recent announcement that we've entered into partnership with Pure Storage. Back in 2011, Pure was the first to market with an all-flash enterprise storage array, but nearly six years later flash SAN is a much more competitive market. I wanted to explain a bit about why Pure's three principles of smart storage - effortless, efficient and evergreen - still make it special, and why the two of us are building a closer partnership.

First of all, let's look at Pure's role as an innovator in SAN (storage area networking). Being the first to market isn't always a good thing - get the timing wrong and you risk rushing out an immature technology which lacks reliability - but in the first generation FlashArray, Pure had the right product at the right time.

Gartner SSA magic quadrant.jpgFor customers, a risk in being an early adopter of an emerging technology is that ongoing advances are going to leave you with obsolete products, but here we encounter one of Pure's principles: evergreen. Its early support for NVMe is a great example of this - all FlashArray//M products are guaranteed NVMe ready, meaning they'll support the switch to NVMe storage needed to keep pace with improvements elsewhere in the data centre. Pure also delivers updated product features and enhanced performance in the background - the aim is to protect your investment, and break the costly upgrade cycle.

When it comes to efficiency, flash storage is an obvious winner - it's more dense than disk and, with no moving parts, needs less power and produces less heat and noise. Pure says its arrays are 10 times smaller and 10 times faster than the equivalent disk setup. Storage space is also used efficiently: figures taken directly from Pure's entire installed base show more than a five-fold average data reduction from de-duplication and compression - and that's all done seamlessly in the product.

For me, the real winner is effortless. Purity OS, Pure's array operating system, hooks into the cloud, bringing you management, analytics, support and data protection as services. Pure offers 24/7 predictive, cloud-enabled support, so it'll be fixing any issues as soon as you know about them, possibly before. Install the Pure1 app on your phone and you can manage the whole system from wherever - although it's overwhelmingly likely to just sit there delivering excellent performance.

I'm excited to be working more closely with Pure. It's already got great products, it continues to innovate, and it's got a brilliant record for customer satisfaction. It's on these points that it reminds me a lot of Ideal: together we're going to do great things.


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