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Investing in our future

18 March 2022

If you follow Ideal's news, you'll know that we've recently announced promotions in our relationship with three of our key partners. In addition to our Premier level partnership with Cisco, we're now a NetApp Gold Partner, VMware Enterprise Solution Partner, and a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Partner.

These accreditations reflect our commitment to investing in the development of expertise across the breadth of our product portfolio, which includes security, network, storage, virtualisation, data centre and unified comms.

I believe this breadth and depth of expertise is unusual in a smaller IT firm, so I wanted to explain here why we make this investment.

Investing in excellence

For those of you who don't know, partner accreditations are based on the level of expertise within a company: for each stage there's a minimum level of qualification required. While some IT resellers satisfy the relevant requirements by hiring in skilled and qualified consultants, it's always been our policy to support and encourage learning and certification in our own permanent staff.

A lot has been written about the benefits of investing in learning and development: it's a great way to reward our staff, and to attract more ambitious and talented people into the business. A recent survey of approximately 7,000 recent college graduates found that only 25% of respondents cited salary or company culture as a priority, placing higher importance on developing their professional skills, and on learning and growth opportunities.

So, the investment we make very much complements our recruitment and retention strategy, which I have written about before, to invest in building a brilliant workspace in which our brilliant people can work to ensure we can compete for the best IT talent on the market.

What it means

The ROI for Ideal is clear. But how does it benefit our customers?

In a recent article Poli Avramidis, CIO at the Bar Council, commented upon how, unlike law, accountancy and other business-critical sectors, the IT industry is unregulated. He argued that, 'despite the inherent nature of change in the IT sector, it is crucial the industry looks to create core standards around competencies and aptitudes'.

In our fast-moving sector, vendor accreditations allow a value-added reseller like Ideal to prove our technical ability and investment in continuous professional development. Our customers can be reassured that as a business we are up to date, and have demonstrated our competency to external bodies.

Having in-depth, in-house expertise across our portfolio also gives us the ideal way to apply and integrate the brilliant technologies that we sell. For our customers, it means we combine the advantages of a small company - agility, responsiveness, creativity - with the benefits of real multi-vendor, multi-discipline expertise.

This wide spread of expertise and experience means that we can architect a full range of IT solutions for the broadest scope of clients, but also that we can also talk with you about your entire IT strategy with a real understanding of your business objectives - and all of the IT solutions you may need to achieve them.

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Header image: Ina Kristensen/Flickr, Creative Commons