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Proud to #BeMoreSnail

23 February 2018

Pick up the phone to Ideal just now and you might detect elevated levels of grooviness. Stroll past our office and you'll likely find yourself moving just a little more slowly. Come in for a meeting and, well, there's a huge, psychedelic snail sunning himself in our meeting room window.

The work of incredible artist Pinky Vision, our office visitor is the vanguard for Snailspace, an infestation of snail sculptures set to hit the streets of Brighton and Hove during Autumn this year. Popping up all over the city, the snails will be decorated by local artists and community groups, and proudly sponsored by businesses like us.



A follow up to 2016's hugely successful Snowdogs by the Sea, Snailspace wants us all to be more snail: slowing down to enjoy a unique public art trail and take a meandering route around Brighton and Hove. More than that, the project aims to raise money for the city's wonderful hospice, Martlets, a cause we're very proud to support.

So here's to Pinky Snail, living in our office for a bit, pestering us for lettuce, and channelling Simon & Garfunkel.

Life, we love you. All is groovy.