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How do you value your data?

10 January 2018

Is data the new oil? A century ago, companies were falling over themselves to find, refine and exploit reserves of crude across the world. Today, businesses are tapping into vast supplies of customer data, and some are growing crazy rich off the back of it. OK, there are big differences, but you don't have to buy into the whole analogy to agree that data, like oil, is valuable: countries are squabbling over both.

If you're the person who looks after security in your organisation, this isn't going to be news. You doubtless understand the true value of your data and the risks of failing to protect it, but security can be expensive. More than that, we talk about it in the kind of jargon that doesn't travel well outside of IT: often it takes a breach before the risks are understood, and security is given the priority it deserves.

There's a lot of noise surrounding May's introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but let's park that, because if you get breached you've got loads of other things to worry about. Your brand and customer base are fundamental to your ability to do business, and if you can't protect them you're in bigger trouble.

C-suite harmony

So, how do you secure your data? Forget products and services, the crucial first step is to ensure that the true value of personal and proprietary information is understood across all functions of the organisation. And that's not just what it's worth to you, but its value to malicious actors, and how hard they'll work to steal it.

C-suites and managers need to understand the kind of fast-evolving threats organisations face, and the risks of being unprepared for them. So does everyone else. Of course we can help with the hardened technologies and the services you may need to mitigate risk, but they'll be of limited use if employees don't understand the risks from people who are intent on stealing information, the exploits or tricks they might use, and the policies and support systems you've put in place to keep your staff and data safe.

If you need help explaining the importance and relevance of all this to your C-suite colleagues - or if you just need a refresher yourself - why not arrange a briefing with our CCSP and CISSP qualified solutions architect, Adrian Clarke? Depending on the kind of help you need, we can outline the current threat landscape, the risks of non-compliance, and the kind of measures and policies that are necessary to adequately manage risk in the data age.

We want to help you explain the true value of data to your colleagues. And if that sounds like the kind of help you can use, why not get in touch? I'm on 01273 957515.

Image: Jonny Rueda/Flickr, Creative Commons