Building a strategic IT roadmap

1 December 2016

In the age of apps, mobile devices and data everywhere, the way that customers, employees and partners expect to interact with your organisation is changing fast. As your business needs to change and evolve at an ever-increasing rate, so your IT planning, delivery and performance need to keep pace.

How do you ensure that your IT strategy is clearly aligned to the needs of your business, and that you have the necessary buy-in from stakeholders to support your approach?

To address these common challenges we launched a new offering, the Strategic IT Roadmap (SITR). Developed in partnership with Cisco, it's a consultative, business-led sprint in which we help you triangulate the technology that's being pushed at you with solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

Download the SITR product datasheet

The SITR engagement takes a uniquely pragmatic approach. Through a series of workshops and interviews with Ideal and Cisco experts, we work with you to identify where IT currently sits in your organisation, and define the needs and objectives of the business.

By defining a set of actionable solution 'building blocks', we can assess their cost and complexity against the business benefit, and create a high-level, priorities-ordered roadmap for IT. The SITR roadmap will clearly show where IT can start to deliver against agreed top level, business-facing KPIs.

Typically spanning three phases over six working weeks, the engagement can be customised to the specific needs of your business. To find out more, download our SITR product datasheet, or get in touch.


Header image: Richard Kelland/Flickr, Creative Commons