Plugging in SME telephony with Cisco's BE4000

21 June 2017

Cisco's unified communications (UC) and telephony systems are pretty much the gold standard for reliability, quality and features, but until now they've been overkill for a startup or many smaller SMEs. If you're running a company of, say, 25-100 people, you need a great phone system, but you probably don't need full-blown Call Manager - or the hardware, software and days of configuration work involved in an enterprise system like Cisco's Business Edition 6000. To be honest, you probably can't afford them either.

That's why we're excited to be offering Cisco's brand new Business Edition 4000 (BE4000): a quality, full-featured IP telephony system in one easy-to-configure box. It's aimed at businesses with up to 200 telephony devices, falling into one of two camps:

  • Startups looking for a robust, scalable telephony solution that will grow with the company
  • SMEs looking to upgrade a legacy telephony system with fully-featured, easily deployed and configured replacement

The BE4000 is ideal for both. Based on Cisco's proven IP telephony and voicemail technology, it's designed to be deployed within two days - including the necessary information gathering, configuration and user training. It's extremely affordable: you buy the box and endpoints from Cisco's 7800 or 8800 phone series, then pay a small per-seat subscription for one, three or five years. Your investment is protected, too: at the end of your subscription you can renew, migrate to the cloud, or upgrade to a larger Business Edition solution, re-using all of the phones.

Feature rich

Maybe the best thing about the BE4000 is that it hasn't been feature-stripped - it's a well-specified solution, including things like hunt groups, voicemail, audio conferencing and even auto-attendant routing. With wideband audio, call quality is as good as you'd get from any Cisco system, while easy management through a cloud portal means it's the work of minutes to add and configure users and change settings. And of course, if you want to keep things even more simple, we can manage it for you.

Discover more about the BE4000 in the video, or fill in the form below to download the datasheet. Whether you need a great phone system to scale with your growing business, or a low-cost, low-maintenance upgrade to your ageing solution, give us a call to find what the Business Edition 4000 can do for you.


Header image: odanielgp/Flickr, Creative Commons