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Software-Defined Networking for Dummies

26 April 2021

Recently we've been talking a lot about the software-defined network (SDN). In our customer briefing The Rise of the Apps, we looked at the way modern, app-driven consumption is steering businesses toward outcome-driven, software-defined alternatives to traditional IT provisioning. Later in August, solutions architect Daren Vallyon followed up with his own analogy for how we might consider the SDN as a type of flexible-use building.

Now Cisco has teamed up with the Dummies' Guide series to produce SDN for Dummies: a more detailed walkthrough of software-defined networks, their technology, applications, benefits and requirements. Using the familiar Dummies' Guide format, the booklet makes a great introduction for anyone new to the subject, and offers a wide overview for those looking for more information.

Click here to download SDN for Dummies now

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Header image: Cisco/Wiley