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Sustaining growth at Ideal

11 September 2017

Time moves quickly. It seems like minutes since the top of the year, but here we are in Q3 and I've been at Ideal for eight months. A lot has happened. A lot more is happening, and this feels like a good point to pause for reflection and take a look at what the future holds for Ideal and its customers.

Ideal is a company with momentum. In fact, my challenge here has been working out how to take the success that Mo and Claire created, and protect its character and unique strengths (the ‘founder’s DNA’ as we call it) while preparing us for the next phase of our growth. The business continues to thrive, with the sales team bringing in high-profile new customers and strengthening our existing partnerships, and the newly formed solutions team deepening and expanding our in-house skills.

How do I ensure that the company builds on its success, matures, and scales while keeping its entrepreneurial spirit? How do we continue to define new standards of service to our customers, and stay innovative in a massively changing technology landscape?

Tools for growth

There are three main answers to that. The first part is that we want to ensure that our talented people continue to spend as much time as possible engaging with our customers and delivering the outcomes that customers value. This means ensuring that everything internal and repeatable is as efficient as it can possibly be, which will provide a reliable platform for our growth and help us make sure our customers remain at the centre of everything we do.

The second part is that we want to continue to be entrepreneurial, staying at the forefront of the innovation that's happening in the technologies we work with. The market is changing, along with our customers' objectives and risks: we look at developments such as the evolving security landscape and the Internet of Things, and use our market-leading understanding to ensure that we evolve and expand what we do in a way that reflects our customers' needs. It's this kind of customer-led thinking that drives our new products and services, such as the managed SIEM offering we'll be formally launching soon.

And finally, it's about recognising and celebrating what it is that makes us uniquely brilliant. For me, coming from a more conventional corporate background, a lot of that comes from the real buzz there is about Brighton: a place where people with technical, commercial and creative sensibilities all mix freely, and where there's a real cross-fertilisation of ideas. Ideal's creativity and energy reflects that, making it both an inventive and dynamic technology partner, and a fantastic place to work.

One of the highlights of my job is harnessing this creativity and energy and making sure we continue to focus it on delivering elegant solutions to ambitious projects, and back them up with brilliant customer service and support. Ideal is a great business, and as it continues to grow we get to share that with more and more customers.


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Image: Dan DeLuca/Flickr, Creative Commons