Moving up the Tech Track 100

16 September 2016

I'm fiercely proud of Ideal and the care with which we're all working to build the business, so I'm particularly pleased that we again feature in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 - an annual league table of Britain's fastest-growing private technology companies. Not only that, but we've climbed three places from last year to reach number 47.

It's no accident: we're an ambitious firm. The ranking reflects our sustained growth in sales over the last three years. But building a business is also about managing growth: not allowing the rate of change - like our recent move to fantastic new offices near Brighton Station - to divert us from our core purpose of delivering exceptional customer experience. We regularly survey our customers to make sure that we are delivering what they need, and in this sector this makes us stand out.

We continue to invest strongly in recruiting and training our own highly-skilled staff, giving us a breadth and depth of experience that's unusual in a company of only 50 people. The final principle underpinning our growth is that we only partner with companies providing best-in-breed technology. Together, these strengths mean we can consult with and advise our customers broadly on their IT strategy, delivering solutions and services that meet their real business needs, confident that the quality of our delivery and support will underpin long relationships with our clients.

Why Brighton

With 42 of the Tech Track 2016 companies headquartered in London, and most of the rest clustered around Cambridge and the M4 corridor, we're particularly proud to be one of two Brighton companies to make the list. Having both ourselves and our friends at Crunch in the 2016 table supports the narrative I wrote about earlier this year that Brighton is a rising force on the technology landscape.

In truth, Brighton's highly collaborative and innovative business culture is a great environment in which to build a tech business. While in other cities the technical, creative and commercial tribes tend not to mix, in the thriving heart of this city you have little choice. Here, IT companies like ourselves rub shoulders with web devs, digital marketers, designers, app developers, and a fluid and thriving freelance scene.

It's fantastic to be recognised as a fast growing company, and clearly something that our customers and employees recognise as prestigious and reassuring: we found last year that many people first came across us via our Tech Track status.

Our challenge, along with other fast-growing Brighton businesses, is to capitalise on the publicity this brings: continuing our self-funded, sustainable growth and providing viable career opportunities to ensure Brighton residents no longer have to look elsewhere for higher-paid job opportunities.

If you are ambitious and looking for a change of direction, or simply tired of your daily commute, get in touch to find out what Ideal opportunities are available.


Header image: Ken/Flickr. List image: Geoff McHugh/Flickr. Both Creative Commons