The Ideal candidate: what we're looking for in a job applicant

13 June 2016

At Ideal, we place a lot of emphasis on our core values of pride, relationships and ambition. Our workforce is very diverse, but all of our people share some common traits. These traits are at the forefront of our minds whenever we are working to expand our team. We always look for the right person, and we believe that an unfilled position is better than recruiting someone who doesn't share our values.

So what are we looking for when we talk to prospective employees? Here are some of the main points:


  • Pride: Our customers and our team deserve the best. Our people take personal pride in delivering work that hits the mark every time. That's just who we are.
  • Ambition: We look for people who know what they want, plan on how to get there and persevere with the journey. And we'll promise you the systems and support you need to achieve your objectives.
  • Relationships: Personal connections and collaboration are key to what we do. If you enjoy talking to and learning from other people, and are a good communicator, you will thrive here.
  • Personality: We value the ability to be our authentic selves, so let your personality shine. After all, wearing a mask at the office, all day, every day, would be really tiring.
  • Curiosity: We look for people who want to learn something new every day. Whether it's sharing on the internet, reading the paper, talking to people and asking questions or just trying out stuff for yourself – if learning is your thing, Ideal will be a great home for you.
  • Self-awareness: We have all made mistakes in the past. We look for honesty and the ability to own and learn from mistakes, not for false perfection.
  • Positive attitude: We look for people who are resilient, can stay calm under the occasional period of pressure, and who have the capacity to look for the silver lining. A bit of humour in the office is also welcome, so don't save your best jokes for the pub!
  • Passion: We don't mean passion like Romeo and Juliet, obviously. But the people who work at Ideal genuinely care about the work they're doing and about looking after our clients and each other. We're passionate about doing a good job. Are you?
  • Professionalism: It may sound old fashioned, but we really value basic qualities like being on time for meetings, taking your time with spelling and grammar, and being polite.
  • Flexibility: Our business is very agile and we need adaptable people who embrace change. In return we offer a progressive and open-minded working environment that will support you to do your best – however you like to work.

If you think this sounds like you we'd love to meet up. Check out our current vacancies at our Join The Team page.


Header image: Dwayne Bent/Flickr, Creative Commons