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I want to tell a story to explain the origins of this blog post. It's one that I hear far too often recently. In the early days of working with a customer, some members of the Ideal team were onsite delivering a WAN project. They got chatting to our customer and it came as a massive surprise to them that the customer didn’t have a contact number for their Managed Service Provider. We’re not talking DDI to a dedicated account manager; they didn’t even have a switchboard number!

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We know too well that technology is moving at a colossal speed and that demands on technology teams are getting out of control. Teams are expected to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date with fast evolving technologies whilst doing more than just keeping the lights on. Now IT teams are expected to support the new-era of digital and truly dynamic businesses whilst keeping everything secure, achieving compliance and providing a seamless end-user experience. Oh, and all this needs to be delivered with squeezed resources and under cost scrutinisation!

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