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The danger with any great IT idea is that the hype surrounding it can gather until it begins to drown out the underlying point. If ever there was an example, it's the mobile workplace.

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One challenge that any growing business faces is working out how much space you need. In the current property climate it takes nerves of steel. I know this from personal experience as it's exactly the challenge we're dealing with at Ideal at the moment.

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Your customers want to contact you in new ways, your staff expect flexible access to their workplace, and your finance team needs to slash overheads: welcome to running a business in 2016.

In this environment, the business that responds in the most agile and innovative way is most successful, responding to challenges thrown up by a changing world, and anticipating others with clever technical solutions. Key to this agility is satisfying the growing demands for a mobile, flexible workplace - but what does that actually mean, and what are the steps necessary to deliver it in your organisation?

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Many IT departments now have to consider the role of location-based services to deliver better user experience and marketing initiatives. Two of the most discussed technologies used to provide direct interaction with customers are Wi-Fi and beacons (or iBeacons).

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