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Cisco ONE - What is it?

Cisco One offers a great alternative for licensing and the IT infrastructure management solutions for your business.

>But what is it? Ideal’s Account Director George McKenna explains all…

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In the latest in our series of interviews with women in IT, we talk to Natalie Lloyd who began her career at a creative stock photography company and is now a Director at a strategic digital product consultancy.

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In the latest in our series of interviews with women in IT, we talk to Rachel Gray - sales director and inclusion and diversity lead at Cisco UK, about how she got started in the industry and how we can encourage more women to follow a career in our industry.

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I've always been a strong believer in delivering a high quality of service and value to my clients. It's just how I work. Recently I was on the receiving end of the kind of service I like to deliver. It was an educational experience, as I had been questioning myself about service quality and appropriate levels of delivery.

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I’m all about an easy life. If there is anything that can be done to make my job, my home life, even my commute to work easier, then I am all for it. That doesn’t mean I am lazy. It doesn’t mean that when there is hard graft to be done that I won’t do it. It just means that I see the sense and logic of doing what needs to be done, as efficiently and easily as possible, without compromising quality.

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I'm an Account Director at Ideal and I really enjoy working for a tech start-up. Here's why.

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