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Blog: Tour de Brighton

18 July 2018

Purdey joined us from France to help progress her studies and her career in Sales. In Purdey's blog she shares her experiences of her time at Ideal and her impression of Brighton.


I’m Purdey Sambrook Smith, I’m 17 years old and am from France. I study sales in France at an equal level to college over here. In order to pass my course I have to achieve certain targets and work experience goals in a Sales specific role which I why I applied for an internship at Ideal.

The other reasons I decided to do a placement was to improve my experience in sale as in the future I’d like to be working in a big company that does international sales. I also wanted to take this opportunity to improve my English. As I live in France I don’t have the opportunity to speak English often and the internship allowed me to learn technical and commercial terms which will help me hugely in the future.

Outside of work enjoy running and visiting new places – Brighton was always somewhere I wanted to visit and so Ideal was a perfect placement opportunity. Brighton did not disappoint as I enjoyed lots of running along the beach after work and there were lots of other great sports places like volley-ball and net-ball. Additionally, I loved the environment there, everything was nice, there were a lot of good food places and the people were very friendly.

“My first impression of Ideal was very good, everyone is very welcoming, nice and very smiley.”

My internship will help me for numerous reasons; firstly, to help me know exactly what I want to do in the future, secondly, it’s also good reference for my CV and thirdly, it will help me settle into working as soon as possible after my studies.


I tried my best to make a real contribution to the business during my time at Ideal and feel I helped speed up certain processes in Sales. I also worked with the marketing team to drive registrations to an up and coming event. I tried to ask many questions to be sure of what I was doing and why I was doing it which helped me truly understand each task and get the most out of my internship. I think my team appreciated my help and enjoyed having fresh company around (a new face).

My main challenge during my time in Brighton was probably trying to understand everything without any French people around, but my team always took the time to explain as best they could with easier words (and by using the apps they had!).

It’s an amazing environment at Ideal. Everyone gets on really well, they always kept me doing interesting things and never let me get bored … that’s a good thing! My internship has helped me to build a foundation of skills and I truly recommend it.