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Traps - advanced endpoint protection

18 April 2018

Time was you could cover off the majority of cyber threats with a firewall in the server room and anti-virus on your PCs, but the way we work has changed. Your mobile workforce isn't behind your firewall, and your anti-virus software isn't enough to secure smart devices from smarter criminals.

What are the risks? Everyday behaviour like browsing the internet, opening emails or connecting to unsecure networks can expose your staff to casual cyber threats. Malware and ransomware can result in downtime and data loss, while crafted exploits could harvest confidential data - or provide a route in to your network for a more determined campaign.

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Every business has to protect its sensitive data, but for some the requirements and obligations are especially fundamental. Take law firms: not only is the nature of their work highly sensitive, but they operate to strict rules on confidentiality and client privilege. A breach can cause irreparable damage to both client and business, with firms who slip up risking regulatory repercussions, reputational damage and disastrous loss of business.

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Of course, the irony is that it's precisely the value of the data held by legal and financial organisations that makes them more of a target. As the threat landscape evolves, hackers increasingly act in sophisticated, organised gangs, targeting high-value individuals handling high-value data that can be exploited, sold or held to ransom.

High-value targets need to do more than cover off the basics, employing protections that are designed for evolving and emerging threats, and which are effective across the devices and locations where staff actually work. Traps, by Palo Alto Networks, represents a new generation of endpoint protection, designed to secure today's platforms from known, unknown and emerging attacks.




Traps employs 'multi-method' protection and cloud-based analysis to provide the fullest possible defence. Subscribed endpoints and devices share live threat intelligence with the WildFire analysis environment where unknown threats are identified, and new protections are automatically created and distributed to clients across the world within as little as five minutes.

The result is endpoint protection that not only guards against known malware, but can mitigate against emerging threats, unpatched vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits. As part of a comprehensive, multi-level security strategy, Traps helps minimise the time and surface area available to those who want to get a hold of your data.

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