What is Managed SIEM?

25 February 2020

Ideal has officially launched its latest managed security service: Managed SIEM (security information and event management). I want to explain what it is, and how it helps you become more secure without the associated costs and resource headaches.

Managed_SIEM_Noise_from_chaos.pngIn essence, Ideal's Managed SIEM is designed to apply our expert threat and security intelligence to the activity on your network. If you're a typical business you've probably got multiple different security products, already translating everything that's going on into millions of log entries. Your challenge is that you probably don't have the time to sift through all the noise, looking for the security events that actually matter - and even if you did you may not have the in-house skills and tools to identify them.

Ideal's Managed SIEM solves this problem for you. We correlate and analyse your network logs in real time, matching up disparate data and applying the latest threat intelligence to filter out background noise and identify actual security events. From chaos, we join the dots to produce actionable security intelligence.

That's the core service, but in fact we go far beyond that. Leveraging AlienVault's award-winning platform, we include ongoing asset discovery and vulnerability assessments, helping identify security issues across your entire estate. We also identify suspicious behaviour and threats-in-progress through intrusion detection and behavioural monitoring.

Find out more about Managed SIEM in our helpful Beginner's Guide:

Download the SIEM for Beginners Guide >



We wrap all these features in the additional benefits of our 24/7 security operations centre (SOC), where our UK-based security experts monitor your network constantly, applying additional cyber security skills to identify, analyse and progress any security issues.

Our analysts act as your experts, actively managing events and recommending mitigating actions. If you're already a managed services customer, they'll take the required actions on your behalf on any equipment we manage. For example, if you're a Managed Firewall service customer and our Managed SIEM service identifies the need to change a firewall rule, we'll make the change for you. Paired with our other managed service offerings, Managed SIEM becomes a one-stop SOC for your network.

In a nutshell, Ideal's Managed SIEM service equips you with essential security expertise and resources for a fraction of the cost of establishing and maintaining your own 24/7 SOC. We provide 24/7 monitoring, advice and action to ensure you've got full visibility of your network, and the ability to quickly and decisively act on security events.

Join the dots on your network. Download our SIEM for Beginners Guide to find out more.

Download the SIEM for Beginners Guide >