Bringing ZOOM International to the call centre

10 November 2017

Your call may be recorded. It's a phrase we've all heard when we speak to the bank, get car insurance, take out a mortgage, or do any of the many things we still do over the phone. Companies record customer conversations for quality or training, or because they're working in industries like finance where they have to. But what happens next?

For lots of companies running older call centre technologies, not much. Recordings sit in the system gathering dust. Most are never touched again, while their useful information slowly goes out of date. But wait: wouldn't it be cool if you could index what was said, combine it with the other things you know about your customer, and use it to build a better relationship? We need to talk about ZOOM International.

ZOOM's fundamental technology provides call recording in the contact centre, but that's only the start of the journey. ZOOM's leading-edge voice recognition can turn calls into searchable transcripts, and its social features can pull in customer conversations from other channels. With cross-channel interactions integrated into a single, powerful analytics platform, ZOOM gives brands a more complete view of their customers' activities, and a better understanding of how they can improve the customer experience and build better relationships.

Managing the call centre

Ideal thinks of call recording as an integral part of almost any call centre, but ZOOM's additional features can deliver greater value, and play a key part of improving quality and performance. Want to know how the customer felt after a specific call? ZOOM handles post-call surveys. Want to improve agent performance? ZOOM's e-learning packages help develop skills. Need help making sure you've got the right skillsets available? ZOOM's workforce management tools can help there, too.

But there's something else. ZOOM very much wants to build the customer use story for its users: it wants to understand what each call centre's agents do, and what the requirements are, so it can deliver - or invent - the most effective solution. That's a lot like the way we do business at Ideal: really focusing on the customer experience and understanding the business, so that our customers get the most appropriate technology.

For Ideal, ZOOM, and the call centres that use it, understanding our customers means we better understand their challenges, and how we might solve them. We can have more relevant conversations, give better advice, come up with better offers, and ultimately try to build trust and value across the customer journey. And if you want to know more about how that approach can help you put customers at the centre of your call centre, why not get in touch.