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East Sussex College Group

27 April 2020

When you promise users an infallible wireless network accessible through any device, how do you ensure you don't let them down? Talking to Ideal is a good place to start, as East Sussex College Group knows.

Meet the client:

  • East Sussex College Group offers education and training to more than 2,500 students in and around Hastings.
  • The college’s network has to be robust enough to support the IT demands of the students and teachers – in a world where education is increasingly happening on screens and online. Staff and students increasingly expect to be able to connect their own devices to a reliable, powerful wireless network with minimal hassle no matter where they are on the college’s estate. It’s one of the promises the college makes to students.


What the client says:

"Ideal have become an integral part of our IT support team, several solutions have been implemented to a professional and of high standard. I trust their expertise and advice and they have contributed to the success of our students."

Paul Henderson, Head of IT

Our partnership:


East Sussex College Group appointed us - ahead of BT and Redstone - to provide support for its network. This was the start of a developing relationship.

We offered the college a fully monitored, pro-active network support service. We monitor the network’s performance at our own 24/7/365 support centre, and let the college team know of (and fix) issues before they’re even aware of them.


We delivered a full wireless refresh to accommodate changes in technology, and we now also offer a fully managed service for this too, covering all moves, adds and changes.

The Ideal experience

With our service, you get what you pay for. That’s not true of all suppliers. Which means that when you work with us you can expect excellence at a highly competitive price. Our initial pitch to manage East Sussex College Group’s network came in £50k cheaper than BT and £70k cheaper than Redstone. This is despite the fact that the college has 24/7/365 cover from our highly skilled technical support team.


Header image credit: Vicki Burton/Flickr, Creative Commons