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OC Sport

27 April 2020

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Supporting a dynamic global events offering with rock-solid, cloud-managed Wi-Fi



Operating globally from bases in Switzerland, France and the UK, OC Sport is an award-winning event management company and rights holder. It manages competitive teams and athletes, and provides consultancy to global brands, host venues and other event organisers.

It has transformed the way we do things. I can be far away from where I need to be, get a radio call about a network issue, and just pull my phone out of my pocket to restart an access point - Jonathan Meadowcroft, Group IT Manager, OC SPortEvery year OC Sport’s international team organises more than 100 days of competition, across more than 20 events on four continents. Highlights include full ownership and management of the Extreme Sailing Series™ and cycling’s Haute Route, together spanning locations from remote Alpine passes to China’s busy Olympic sailing city, Qingdao.

At major events, a temporary, two-story marquee serves as OC Sport’s base of operations, hosting a media suite, TV production and back-of-house operations, and providing managed internet access for around 300 VIP and corporate guests. In addition to the considerable challenge of providing robust connectivity to staff, journalists and guests, at sailing events the wireless network must extend beyond the marquee to cover the commentary post, and the Shore Control station on the finishing line.


OC Sport’s legacy wireless solution was unable to sustain the reliable coverage demanded by its guests. Critically, performance issues were also preventing technical partner SAP from delivering timekeeping and analytics services fundamental to the event. OC Sport realised it needed to invest in a high-quality wireless solution that could deliver fast and stable performance. Additionally, with worldwide events and offices supported only by a small IT team based in its East Cowes headquarters, ease of management was a key driver.

After researching the market, OC Sport identified Cisco Meraki as its preferred technology provider, and was recommended to Ideal as a Cisco Meraki partner who could supply and support the solution. Ideal worked with the client, sense-checking its plans and supplying a Cisco Meraki connectivity solution that would be at the core of its events offering.

As the company has grown to manage and participate in more events, Ideal has supplied additional Meraki equipment - both for use in the field, and to equip and update the company’s expanding offices across the globe.

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I've been super-happy with everything that Ideal has done for us. Jonathan Meadowcroft, Group IT Manager, OC SPortCisco Meraki technology provides OC Sport with a robust, high-speed wireless solution at selected offices and for its global events. Central to its success is the ease with which it can be deployed and tested during the pressurised set up for each event, and optimised and supported thereafter. During each day of an event, the on-site network provides stable internet access for up to 300 users, who collectively transfer in the region of 150GB of data.

The quality of OC Sport’s event network has led to many positive word-of-mouth recommendations from guests and event partners, contributing to the adoption of Cisco Meraki technology by other sporting teams, associations and event management companies.


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