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18 April 2018



This award-winning savings and investments company bolsters its defences against ransomware and other threats with next-generation endpoint protection.



OneFamily is an award-winning savings and investments company. It employs around 500 people across sites in Brighton and London, has over 40 years' experience of helping families invest for their future, and looks after family money for more than two million people in the UK. As a mutual organisation, OneFamily is not owned by external shareholders. Following an April 2015 merger between Family Investments and Engage Mutual, the society is now the mutual OneFamily - focused on the changing needs of UK families.

In addition to the obvious legal and regulatory requirements of the financial services sector, the organisation places trust - and hence security - at the heart of its customer relationships and wider operations. Accordingly, the core of its IT strategy is a secure infrastructure, protected by solutions including a professionally managed firewall estate, anti-virus software covering more than 1,500 endpoints, and robust security policies that are subject to frequent review.


OneFamily takes a proactive approach to security, and had already recognised the need for a holistic approach encompassing hardware, endpoint protection and the cloud. In particular, the company was aware of the increasing threat from ransomware, and wanted to upgrade its existing systems to provide enhanced protection in this area.

Ideal Solution

Martin PerkinsAt OneFamily, we believe that customer trust is everything, so preventing malware from entering our systems is key. We like the simplicity and prevention-orientated nature of Traps. Unlike anti-virus, it doesn't require regular housekeeping, but we know it will kick in and deliver a consistently high level of protection when there's a threat.

Martin Perkins, Head of Information Security, OneFamily.

In March 2016, OneFamily engaged Ideal for an exploratory Defence in Depth discussion and review, through which the company shared its requirements for improved protection against a new generation of cyber security threats that include
ransomware and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Considering OneFamily's strategy and needs, Ideal suggested that the new Palo Alto Networks Traps endpoint protection product would provide the necessary level of performance. The customer accepted Ideal's proposal of a proof of concept (PoC), which ran in a controlled environment of approximately 30 endpoints for eight weeks, after which the results were reviewed and assessed in the context of the ongoing OneFamily security strategy.


Almost in real time, the customer could see that the Traps solution was identifying and dealing with known and emerging exploits, providing next-generation safeguards fit to anticipate and respond to a new generation of threat. Having monitored Traps' performance, OneFamily was specifically impressed by: 

  • Traps' prevention-focused (rather than detection-focused) nature
  • Its proactive response, both to malware and to exploits which target vulnerabilities
  • Its ability to block known and unknown threats, and through self-learning respond rapidly to emerging threats
  • Its centralised, user-friendly management interface

OneFamily felt that Traps had proved itself in a very short space of time. After completion of the PoC, the company moved very quickly to engage Ideal in a network-wide rollout of the product.

Why Ideal?

Ideal's investment in a CISSP-certified senior cybersecurity consultant, its experience in auditing and addressing security across the enterprise, and its breadth and depth of expertise across the IT portfolio makes it the perfect partner to understand OneFamily's security requirements, but also their importance within the broader IT strategy.
Cisco Premier Partner
Through Ideal's status as a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Partner - and as the first Traps partner in the UK to have completed all mandated certification requirements including an internal deployment of the product - Ideal is ideally placed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Traps in a controlled trial environment, and to design and undertake its rollout across the wider enterprise.


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