Data Centre and Cloud

Delivering compute, storage and data centre networking solutions

An Ideal data centre solution provides fast, secure and resilient delivery of the applications and data which underpin every element of the modern organisation. Increasingly, this will incorporate data and applications across multiple privately hosted and cloud-delivered facilities.

The data centre comprises three technology areas, to serve high-performance and reliable application delivery:

  • Compute: servers, processing capability that run the applications.
  • Storage: contains files to run, and data to provide and serve information into, the applications.
  • Networking: connections between servers, storage, other data centres, and the consumers of the applications.

Drivers and considerations include

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud: Performance, availability and geographical requirements may dictate where and how applications are best served. A hybrid cloud solution provides centrally-managed interoperability between multiple cloud and private data centre environments
  • Sustainability: Virtualisation and high-density deployments maximise the utilisation of each resource, to give the best efficiency.
  • Agile development: Modern applications are far less monolithic than their predecessors and necessitate a more agile infrastructure beneath them. Application-centric infrastructure, infrastructure-as-code, and DevOps practises allow the modern data centre to adapt in real-time to application demands, reducing administrative overhead and decreasing time-to-market.

Ideal will work with you to understand your business challenges, desired outcomes and design and deliver a solution to meet your requirements and budget.