Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Protecting your network traffic

Digitisation has transformed the business world. Customers and employees demand lightning-quick access, sharing and collaboration – but that leaves your network potentially vulnerable. Network security with Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) technology protects users, your organisation and proprietary information from attack. Ultimately it protects your reputation.

The constant challenge for network security

Almost everything about modern business practices challenges your ability to keep the network safe. Cloud services, apps and storage need to be accessible from anywhere, but not by anyone. Users want fast, fluent access to tools and files, but may be in a coffee shop or on a train. The rise of encrypted traffic makes fast inspection and prevention more complex.

Meanwhile, cyber criminals get ever more sophisticated. Attacks are mounted on a vast array of organisations for corporate espionage, data theft, extortion-for-access, employee revenge or reputational damage for political/ideological purposes.

Enhance your cybersecurity posture, gain better visibility and defend against cyber threats

Adopting a cybersecurity platform

Whilst cybersecurity offerings are ever evolving, for the past four decades firewalls have been a mainstay in security solutions, and the NGFW continues to be an important part of cybersecurity today. Todays, NGFWs are, in reality, security platforms that can deliver a full range of security services that once required separate appliances.

Offering better visibility and control over network traffic, applications and users, the NGFW combines the traditional firewall capabilities you may already deploy with advanced security features such as deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, application awareness, and user identity tracking.

The Ideal Solution

Bespoke solutions built around your priorities

From designing and configuring a Next-Generation Firewall platform to assessing a current deployment we work with you to understand your cybersecurity challenges and how these can be overcome.

New NGFW deployments and firewall refresh

For every new NGFW deployment we would work with you to understand your business, and the challenges and risks you face. We will consider the size and geographic make-up of your organisation and the known and potential threats. We’ll design around the specific tools, applications, data and storage you use. We’ll take into account the nature and volume of traffic and the current and possible future demand on your network, as well as the level of in-house administrative resources at your disposal.
A firewall refresh can be delivered when your requirements, for example a bandwidth upgrade, or when equipment is end-of-life and no longer fit for purpose. The approach would be similar to a new firewall deployment, and we would work with you to gather information on requirements, such as firewall throughput, features required, VPN capacity, compliance, sizing and selection.

Firewall audit and remediation

Where an existing deployment is in place, we work with you to will review the current estate, understanding your objectives or Target Operating Model (TOM). A firewall audit will be carried out taking into consideration best practice and risk considerations and captured in a remedial action plan.
Firewall remediation offers you the opportunity to improve security posture and deployment. This could be in the form of cleansing rules and or policies, implementing new features depending on priorities.

Ideal Firewall NGFW

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