Ideal Endpoint Security

Preventing cyber-attacks

As more endpoint devices like mobiles, laptops and remote workstations join your network, so your vulnerability to cyber-attacks increases. Endpoint Security provides a preventative solution, using built-in protection mechanisms to block attacks at the point of entry.

Fighting ransomware, phishing and other malware variants

Malware, which typically enters your network through an endpoint device like a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or workstation, can wreak havoc over your operations and security. Often inadvertently introduced from a seemingly benign link on an email or website, malware will seek to infect as much data and as many processes as it can. Ransomware, which blocks access to your network until you pay a release fee, or phishing, which tricks users into giving away critical corporate or personal data like passwords and account numbers, are just two of the malware variants your organisations is vulnerable to every day.

Protection, detection and remediation

Endpoint Security technology plays a vital role in protecting organisations from the increasingly dangerous threat landscape. Endpoint Security combines preventative endpoint protection with a new breed of continuous detection and response capabilities, constantly monitoring every endpoint to provide proactive safeguarding for the device, your network assets, and your data.

A crucial component in your cybersecurity strategy

Protecting your network perimeter is a vital part of your cybersecurity, but you need to be sure you choose and deploy the right solution for your specific network environment to avoid slowing down the user experience or introducing software clashes.

Endpoint Security can protect individual devices and safeguard your digital assets, without compromising network performance or user experience.

The Ideal Endpoint Security Solution

An Ideal Endpoint Security solution will help you to head-off cyber-attacks at the point of entry, protecting individual devices and safeguarding your digital assets, without compromising network performance or user experience.

A choice of Endpoint Security technologies

Endpoint protection systems are designed to quickly detect, analyse, block, and contain attacks in progress. To do this, they collaborate with other security technologies to give your administrators visibility into advanced threats in order to speed detection and remediation response times.

There are three types of Endpoint Security available:

  • Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), which prevents file-based malware attacks, detects malicious activity, and provides the investigation and remediation capabilities needed to respond to dynamic security incidents and alerts.
  • Endpoint Detection and Remediation (EDR), which continuously monitors end-user devices to detect and respond to cyber threats like ransomware and malware.
  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR), which collects and correlates data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads and networks, enabling visibility and context into advanced threats.

Working with your team, we will help to specify the correct solution to meet the threat levels your organisation is exposed to and deploy a tailored solution that will work seamlessly within your network environment.