Ideal Network Access Control (NAC)

Enhancing Control. Reducing Risk.

Controlling access in a hybrid world

The hybrid working world has brought an exponential increase in complexity around network access that couldn’t even have been imagined less than a decade ago. How do you strike a balance between security and user experience, ensuring legitimate users can get into critical apps, work streams and shared files without cumbersome authentication steps or restrictions? How can you enforce security around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or guests to prevent network risks? How can you avoid false positives/negatives and ensure scalability as usage changes and grows?

Technical challenges to be aware of

Whilst trying to provide the right business solution, you also need to be aware of technical issues.

Setting up and managing NAC solutions can be complex, especially in larger environments. Integrating NAC with existing network infrastructure and security tools can bring compatibility issues. Obtaining comprehensive visibility of network activity and monitoring enforced policies can pose new challenges.

The integrated intelligence in a NAC solution will tighten up your security, speed up access for users and free up your IT resources.

The Ideal Solution

An Ideal Network Access Control (NAC) solution will strengthen your network security, helping you to stay compliant and manage access for diverse devices, whilst reducing the overall risk of data breaches and cyber incidents.

Introducing integrated intelligence

We’ll work with you to deploy proven NAC technology around your unique use-cases and network infrastructure, ensuring that you can deliver a first-class user experience without technical compromise.

Our solution supports virtual and appliance-based deployment and can provide NAC to cover wired, wireless, data centre and remote environments. We’ll ensure that you can see, know and control what is connecting to your network, giving you dynamic control over possible threats. We’ll integrate intelligence from across your stack into policy enforcement points throughout the network, working towards a cutting-edge zero-trust approach with continuous access.

Automation that drives agility

The NAC solution automates discovery, profiling, authentication and authorisation of trusted endpoints and users, regardless of access medium. We can help your network administrators develop and maintain dynamic risk-based policies to ensure that only specific users and devices gain access to appropriate resources. This moves protection beyond authentication and maintains trust throughout the entirety of the session, improves the speed of legitimate access and frees up your team to deal with issues that warrant their attention.