Enterprise Wireless

Delivering the best wireless experience for your business

Wireless connectivity has evolved considerably since it was first implemented as part of the original 802.11 standard in 1999. Today, wireless networks are expected to support business critical and time sensitive applications such as voice and video, and performance is essential for employee productivity.

A changing role for network access

The shift towards cloud computing, user-mobility, and work from home in the post-Covid era has resulted in the need for rapid evolution of network access. Meanwhile, the shift towards more collaborative technologies and virtual interactions between employees, customers and suppliers is driving demand for faster, smoother, more secure useability.

Cellular technologies operated by mobile network operators (MNO’s) won’t give you reliable bandwidth inside your building. Dense wired deployments are now considered too rigid and costly to implement. Wireless networks that were originally designed for coverage, now need to meet new demands for converged, real-time communications, often on a single device.

High-performance solution

A properly engineered wireless network solution offers a high-performance solution for the robust, secure connectivity you need, whilst enabling user-mobility with broad interoperability and flexible deployment options.

Enhancing the end-user experience will help lure your people back to offices and boost productivity.
Frictionless, secure access for users and guests is a given. Seamless Roaming, allowing your users to take their laptops from desk to meeting room and continue their conversation without disconnection or connectivity issues, is the standard you should aspire to.

What can you do?

With so many changing demands, how can you provide a seamless wireless experience throughout your real estate?

A properly engineered wireless network solution offers a high-performance solution for the robust, secure connectivity you need.

The Ideal Solution

We work with you to define the technical needs for your wireless network and derive the right architecture for your business, ensuring that quality of experience is at the heart of our design.

Designing an optimal network

Working either remotely, onsite or with a hybrid approach, we design the physical radio frequency (RF) attributes of the network and produce comprehensive survey reports defining the quantity, type and location of each access point for an optimal wireless experience.
Once agreed, we work closely with you to deploy or redevelop your wireless network. Underpinned by a strong, reliable wired backbone, we introduce enterprise-grade access points, advanced antenna technologies and fast roaming protocols, balancing both security and ease of access.

Enhancing performance

We use the industry-leading tool, Ekahau, to test and provide an accurate view of the installed solution, mapping onsite data onto visualisations. We then help to further enhance performance for each of your buildings and user-groups.
Where wireless networks already exist, we can provide health checks on your wireless network or troubleshoot known issues, helping you to evolve your solution to meet changing user-behaviours and include pathways for your future needs.

Ideal Enterprise Wireless

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