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Ideal becomes latest Signatory to Diverse Sussex initiative

12 October 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment around diversity, inclusion and belonging, Ideal has become one of the latest signatories to Diverse Sussex. The Diverse Sussex initiative is powered by Silicon Brighton,  a community-led initiative to support digital growth in the South East, with a mission of “aligning our common goal of ensuring everyone has equal access to opportunities in Sussex’s technology sector.” To find out more about why Diverse Sussex came into being, read the blog post Why We Created Diverse Sussex 

“While there has been a continued awakening around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the technology sector, it’s clear there is some way to go until it is a safe and fair place where everyone can prosper. Our aim is to build a comprehensive understanding of DEI in Sussex’s tech sector and where we must improve our individual and collective efforts, whilst sharing advice and resources to help businesses create positive change.” https://diversesussex.com/ 

Ideal joins eleven other local signatories who have access to a growing toolkit of resources designed to assist diversity, equality and inclusion knowledge and practices. The toolkit is split into various categories (awareness, attracting, selecting, onboarding and belonging) which will help Ideal’s Diversity, Identity and Belonging (DIB) team continue to foster a culture of equality and inclusivity, so that every person has access to the amazing opportunities this sector has to offer and can reach their full career potential.