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A good news story about breach detection and threat management.

2 April 2019

Sometimes we hear positive news about proactive threat management. But sadly we hear hundreds more reactive horror stories of companies who have been breached and are scrambling around to plug the gaps in their infrastructure to prevent it happening again. Luckily, we have a good news story about how our Managed SIEM Threat Management solution prevented one of our customers experiencing a security risk.

Our Threat Management Service, which utilises AlienVault technology, is constantly being updated with new ways to provide more insight, better stop threats and keep out the bad guys. One such recent addition was dark web monitoring. For one customer, this provided instant value as a number of email addresses came up as being exposed.  

*alarm bells ring*.


As this customer has the Threat Management service, rather than just notifying them of the breach our proactive Service Desk quickly identified the threat and put provisions in place to mitigate the risk. Meanwhile the team supported the customer with their investigation into the cause of this potential data breach.  


In this case luckily the customer didn’t experience a data breachThe Managed SIEM service allowed identification and proactive mitigation of a potential risk which could have occurred if it hadn’t been uncovered.  


This scenario highlights the power of Alien Vault technology and the importance of a Managed SIEM service. SIEM does not just collect logs but applies intelligence to the data and the Managed Service wrap provides round the clock human insight, proactive management and recommendations to remedy any incidents identified for the service.  


Ideal are continually adding further functionality to their service to better protect organisations. Click here to find out more.


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