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Meet... Jacob Perraton

24 February 2017

Jacob takes up a sales executive position in the Ideal Academy. Find out what he does, what he likes and what he's looking forward to.

Welcome to Ideal! What's your new job title?

Hello! My job role will be as a sales executive, but for now I am learning the ropes on sales support with Harry Richardson.

What will you be doing day to day?

Right now I'm looking to support the account managers and Harry in any way possible. I'm researching all the technologies we sell, learning how we deliver them - and getting a coffee from time to time.

Tell us about your career in 100 words or less

I have a background in photography and video. While I was at university studying Broadcast Media I got a job at the Apple Store, where I enjoyed different roles. I started in operations and logistics, moved to the Genius Room and then I hit the front of the store. At the same time I started an online publication called Peanut Butter Thoughts, which focused on photography, motion and design.

What attracted you to Ideal?

I wanted to be in a growing, hungry company that has aspirations and goals in line with my own personal ambitions. The tech industry is ever changing, and it's a very attractive sector to be a part of.

What are you most looking forward to?

Getting stuck in to all aspects of the business!

What will be your biggest challenge(s)?

I can already see that understanding the technology and processes within them will be the biggest challenge. We've got quite a range of expertise!

In five years, what do you hope to have achieved?

I hope to have a long list of high-profile, happy clients.

What do you do outside work?

I still try to work with film in my spare time. I like go to photography exhibitions, watch plenty of films and go to gigs as often as possible. I also go to the gym regularly and play football on a Monday night - if anyone fancies it let me know!

Recommend a film, TV show or book

Film, of course. Go and see Victoria: it's incredible. It's all shot in a single take at night in Berlin.


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Header image: Thomas Amm/Flickr, Creative Commons