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Meet... Michael Chegwidden

1 March 2017

Michael joins Jacob and Maisie in the Ideal Academy, on the path to becoming an Account Manager. Find out what he does, what he likes and what he's looking forward to.

Welcome to Ideal! What's your new job title?

I am starting my role in Ideal as a sales executive, and moving into an account manager role in May.

What will you be doing day to day?

I will be working alongside Jacob Perraton and Maisie Case, supporting the account management team in preparing quotes and progressing orders.

What attracted you to Ideal?

Ideal offers what most other resellers do not: true 360-degree expertise in all of the solutions they offer. It isn’t a box-shifter that just promises a solution-based product, it's a true solution provider, with a huge pool of resource available internally to ensure it's making the right sales and supporting them with in-house expertise. I'm excited by that approach, and can see a lot of potential here.

What are you most looking forward to?

Progressing my career within Ideal and becoming an integral part of the business. I want to build long-lasting relationships with my colleagues and customers.

Tell us about your career in 100 words or less

I started out in sales after I left school, and have worked in numerous sectors - from insurance to IT - working in both consumer and B2B roles.

What will be your biggest challenge(s)?

Coming from a previous job at a reseller that focuses on the transactional, I believe that I will have a challenge adjusting to an engagement and solution-based role. However this presents an opportunity that will allow my skillset to grow, so I am keen to face it head on.

In five years, what do you hope to have achieved?

I would like to be on the property ladder, and have built a career that I am proud of.

What do you do outside work?

I love Rugby and surfing - when I am not doing the one I will normally be watching the other. I have also set myself a goal to run a half-marathon this year, and plan to sign up for the Great South Run in Portsmouth.

Recommend a film, TV show or book

If you haven’t seen it yet, then I would really recommend watching Breaking Bad. It is such a gripping show. It has amazing character development, and at times really makes you question the morality of the characters from beginning to end.


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Header image: Grempz/Flickr, Creative Commons